Streamline Your Hiring With Recruitment Automation

Skailer is an ATS platform designed to streamline recruitment and HR processes, featuring robust analytics for talent acquisition, selection, and retention.

Automate your recruitment process

Customize Your Recruitment Funnel for Each Job Vacancy

Design unique applicant funnels for various job vacancies using templates or create custom ones. Adjust the number and types of stages and set individual SLAs.

Google Chrome Extensions for Recruiters & Sourcers

Easily source candidates and import data from various networks, including LinkedIn, Xing, Dribbble, StackExchange, and GitHub to your positions on Skailer.

Build Relationships right from Skailer

Facilitate retaining and nurturing the candidates' relationships by enabling recruiters to send and receive emails to candidates right from the ATS. With Skailer, recruiters get notified of new messages and all communication is logged in the candidate's profile.

Create your own Internal Resume Database

Centralized Job Vacancy and Candidate Database

Store candidate’s profiles along with open and closed vacancies in a unified database. Grow the database by uploading candidates from job boards via Chrome extension, API, or manually. ATS Skailer automatically identifies duplicates if a candidate is already in the database.

Boolean Search for Recruitment & Sourcing

Search for candidates in the database using boolean search, keywords, and flexible filters based on competencies, desired salary, and even the responsible recruiter.

Custom fields for candidate profiles

Customize candidate profiles individually according to your company's needs or specific job vacancies. The profile displays the hiring stage history, comments, as well as files, offers, and skill tests.

Recruitment Analytics

Optimize your Hiring Funnel with Analytics

Analyze your hiring process with key recruiting, funnel metrics including time-to-hire, total hiring expenses per candidate, source analysis, and hire quality assessment.

Recruiter Performance Evaluation

Identify areas for improvement in your talent acquisition team, and enhance its overall performance by comparing recruiters' results. Examine recruitment metrics, including total count, time-to-hire, and quality of hires. Conduct individualized funnel analysis for each recruiter.

Measure the effectiveness of your recruitment sources

Assess the effectiveness of both external and internal recruitment sources by tracking & analyzing conversion rates, cost, and quality of hire. Analyze past recruitment data to identify trends & patterns in successful hires from different sources.

Tailored solutions for your success

Recruitment Automation for Enterprises

Skailer ATS could be customized and modified to meet your company's tasks and needs. Expand the existing functionality, add new features, and deploy the turnkey solution on your organization's servers.

Data Migration and Configuration

We’ll help you transfer the data from your current recruitment and HR systems to Skailer, ensuring seamless configuration of all functions and reports to align with your specific requirements.

API Integration

Embed Skailer into your company's infrastructure. Create all necessary integrations for operations and analytics.