About us

Skailer is your reliable partner for streamlining recruiting and HR management. We focus on redefining talent acquisition, seeking improved effectiveness, innovation, and convenience.

Our Mission

We aim to provide companies with tools that simplify, enhance flexibility, and oversee the personnel selection process. Our mission is to help companies attract, select, and retain top-notch talent.

What We Offer

Hedley is a platform for automating recruiting and HR processes with powerful analytics. We offer tools that significantly simplify and optimize the work of recruiters and HR specialists:

  • A user-friendly CRM system for recruiters with flexible funnel settings and automation
  • A resume and candidate database with boolean search capabilities, ensuring quick access to necessary information
  • Google Chrome Extension that speeds up candidate sourcing and database enrichment
  • A suite of analytical reports for in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of all recruiting stages
  • Customizable solutions tailored to your company's specific tasks and needs
  • Assistance in system setup according to your business requirements and data migration from other platforms to Skailer
  • API documentation for seamless integration with your company's infrastructure